Project Management

  • Offer over 20+ years of experience in managing creative projects
  • Organize assets, content, and other project materials
  • Manage project timelines
  • Maintain filenaming systems and version control
  • Prioritize tasks and provide progress reports
  • Track progress through project management apps including Trello,, Asana, and custom tools
  • Solve problems creatively and efficiently

Writing and Copyediting

  • Write original content in both short- and long-form
  • Edit for accurate grammar, punctuation, and formatting
  • Conduct research and fact-checking services
  • Interview subjects and unearth effective soundbites
  • Summarize content for excerpts, summaries, and social posts
  • Ensure consistency and continuity across distribution channels


  • Supervise production of high-quality video content
  • Conduct fruitful interviews on topics from simple to complex
  • Handle simple editing projects in Premiere, iMovie, or QuickTime
  • Produce transcripts of video interviews
  • Create captions that meet accessibility requirements
  • Offer guidance and feedback on video projects

Print Collateral

  • Manage layout and production of print materials including brochures, flyers, packaging, and others
  • Supervise graphic designers and artists on creative projects
  • Work with translation companies to create foreign-language versions* of collateral
  • Produce project estimates and manage budgets
  • Review printer’s proofs and ensure high-quality deliverables

*Fluent in French

Web Content Management

  • Build and edit webpages in Drupal, WordPress, and custom CMS’s
  • Research and assemble visual options including images, graphics, and videos
  • Manage optimal image display and copyright requirements
  • Test webpages on all digital devices
  • Optimize keywords and review tags for SEO
  • Apply previous experiences to new web redesigns and migration projects

Social Media

  • Audit brand’s existing social presence and analyze competitors
  • Manage presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest
  • Create a social strategy customized to various audiences
  • Analyze brand’s personality and create posts that are consistent with their voice
  • Use social media management platforms including Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and native tools
  • Conduct social listening and respond appropriately
  • Provide outcomes reports and insights from social analytics
  • Apply strategies to improve reach, increase followers, and drive engagement