Michelle Monti w/plants

Let’s tell a story.

Do you need help managing communications projects for web, print, video, social, and live events? Whatever your mission, whatever the channel — I can help.

Content should be easy to understand. I can interpret a concept provided by a scientist, professor, health educator (or other SME) and simplify it. I’ll make your text accessible to readers of all levels.

For fun, I write nonfiction, act, sing, play music, and perform stand-up comedy. All this to say, I enjoy entertaining people —especially with humor!

I delight in opportunities to collaborate with creatives. I also relish outcomes that show successful engagement with audiences. And I’m thrilled to champion organizations that have a mission that benefits society.

What is the message that you want to impart?
The action that you want your followers to take?
The story you want to share?

I look forward to working with you!


*Project links provided above if available.

Recent Projects

Harvard Business School

For nearly two years, I produced web and social content for the Digital Initiative team at Harvard Business school. I edited content submitted by tech researchers and promoted the work of leading thought leaders on digital transformation.

Good Measures

I produced content for this nutrition coaching service which focuses on diabetes. During the pandemic outbreak, I helped the company pivot its messaging and educate members about ways to boost immunity. I produced materials at different reading levels and in various languages.

Trinity College

I produced a story about my alma mater’s infamous squash program (without knowing much about the sport myself). For this front-page feature, I recounted their historic 252-game winning streak and had the chance to interview “the winningest coach in college sports history.”